Friday, 23 March 2012

The Online Bibliography of Ottoman Turkish Literature

Professor Hatice Aynur, the chair of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Istanbul Sehir University, has been publishing "Üniversitelerde Eski Türk Edebiyati Çalismalari: Tezler, Yayinlar, Haberler" (Studies on Old Turkish Literature Prepared at Universities: Theses and Dissertations, Publications and News) continually since 1990.

Based on the record created by this publication, Professor Aynur launched "The Online Bibliography of Ottoman Turkish Literature" in November 2010.

The bibliography has an English interface as well as a Turkish one: You can easily search for articles, books, papers, projects, and theses by keywords. Perhaps more importantly, this database allows for pdf and word documents that contain a particular work to be displayed together with the bibliographical entry about that work.  Last but not least, you can suggest the addition of your own work (or someone else's) to the database by using the "Add Entry" button on the main "Bibliography"
page. During the approval process of your submission over e-mail, you could also add the actual text of the work you would like to be included in the bibliography database.

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